Germany – Maps – KDR-100 (German General Staff Maps)

Karte des Deutschen Reiches, 1893 (various dates, 1880 to 1910)
Reichsamt fur Landesaufnahme, Germany

Map of the German Reich, 1893 (various dates, 1880 to 1910)
Office of the Realm for Land Survey, Germany


In 1878, the states of Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria, and Wurttemberg (the areas of modern day Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, and Kaliningrad, and part of Lithuania) agreed to map their areas on a 1:100,000 scale in a common topographic grid survey consisting of 674 sheets.  We have completed scanning of the first 338 sheets, shown here, with the remaining 336 sheets to be added in the next update. These maps are remarkable for the level of fine detail. The series is known as the KDR-100 (German General Staff map). The mapping continued until 1945, so most sheets were revised at least once. Our collection copies strongly trends toward the earliest editions. View Maps Individually or as a composite of sheets 1-138 in Google Earth or in Luna Browser (composite will grow with later additions)

The detail on these maps is amazing.

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